Controls - WASD or Arrow Keys to move

A Field For Kings is a bitsy throwback/homage to one of my favorite games, but with a political compass meme twist: everyone is a king in this field. 


  • A bunch of kings--including you, king
  • A talking cat
  • Probably too much of a reliance on exploring mazes as gameplay
  • Nokia vibes because this started as a Nokia 3310 Jam project and got out of control
  • A looping soundtrack inspired by Koji Endo, but nowhere near as good
  • Seriously, I downloaded the loop from beepbox and then closed the tab
  • I lost the work I had done before I could fix the loop or expand the song
  • I'm so sorry you can mute the page if you want

Disclaimer: Neither this game or its developer espouses the tenets of anarcho-monarchy as a legitimate ideology. This game is a goof. Have fun!

Made with Bitsy by Adem Le Doux as well as several bitsy hacks by elkie, AurySystem, and candle.

This bitsy is the second of what will hopefully end up being a project with 12 games (one per month). If you'd like to support this and other projects, consider joining my patreon!

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TagsBitsy, Demake, Fangame, homage, throwback


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