GaaS: Live Service Sim 2k21 is a simulation game styled after capitalisms favorite model of game design! GaaS: LSS2k21 seeks to replicate the experience of logging in to your favorite shlooter years after the fact, when all your friends and the industry have moved on to some other game that looks remarkably like the one you were all playing just a few months earlier.


  • Shoot enemies, collect loot, and grind the same repeatable missions with your friends to increase the numbers on like five different palette-swapped gun models with weird names.
  • Acquire orb.
  • Pay real money for fake money to make your character stand out with gaudy recolored .png files.
  • Engage in brutal head-to-head competitive gameplay where the people who paid for the season pass are rewarded and the people who didn't get nothing.
  • A broken and buggy game launch.
  • Acquire orb.
  • The reveal of a development roadmap leading to the cancellation of the game.
  • Behold! The inevitable fate of all live service games!

For the full experience please donate $60 before pressing play on the game above.

CONTROLS: Use the arrow keys to attempt to connect to the server.

Made with Bitsy by Adam Le Doux.


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